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Compete in a world that values diversity and inclusion.

Your market is more diverse.

Is your business keeping up?

Understand new customers.

Identify new markets.

Race Awareness Workshop will prepare you for the future…TODAY.

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Race Awareness Workshop seminars will help you Compete in a World that values Diversity and Inclusion. Race Awareness Workshop Seminars (RAW-Seminars) will provide your employees with the cultural competencies your business needs to succeed in a global market. Each RAW seminar is designed to help your business grow by increasing your understanding of changing demographics and cultural expectations to meet the demands of your customers.

Race Awareness Workshop Offerings for Businesses


"Knowing Your Customer"

Goal: Learn how cultural norms and stereotypes affect the workplace
• Learn how to increase sales by counteracting bias and race

• Learn about behavioral patterns and cultural norms

• Understand the origins of race and notions of racism


"Our World View"

Goal: Learn how stereotypes and bias affect the workplace

• Learn how to increase employee representation by creating a welcoming work environment

• Identify the systemic building blocks of stereotypes

• Identify how stereotypes and subtle discriminations can negatively affect the workplace


"Your Culture, My Culture, Our Culture"

Goal: Increase understanding of race and advantage

• Learn how to become more competitive in today's inclusive market

• Understand the systems and policies of advantage

• Explore the existence of structural race advantage


"Mirror/Mirror—A Time To Reflect"

Goal: Learn to lead in a world that values community

• Learn how to be a leader in a world that values diversity and inclusion

• Understand how RACE impacts your community, business and your potential for growth

• Learn how to use RAW insights to become a leader in your community

Pricing and Seminar Summary

(4) 2.5 hour sessions x $65.00 per hour-per seminar-per attendee

Seminars can be purchased individually or as a series.

Travel accommodations additional.

If you are interested in learning more about Race Awareness Workshops (RAW) and our process, contact Xavier Bell at 218.726.1665 or

CEU -Verification of Participation provided to attendees.