One third of the people who live in the city of Duluth are living in poverty or are considered to be working poor. Community Action Duluth is doing whatever it takes to help people who are struggling to cover basic needs.

Community Assessment

In 2016 -2017, Community Action Duluth (CAD), completed a comprehensive community assessment of the most pressing concerns affecting our neighbors experiencing poverty. The assessment is part of a federal mandate, intended for Community Action Agencies around the nation, to assess and subsequently respond to, the unique needs of the area they serve.

The survey used in the assessment process, included 13 major issues of concern, with numerous sub-categories for respondents to dive deeper into the core causes of each area. CAD collected 777 surveys from program participants, tax site customers and the community at-large.

The results highlight the need for our community to provide livable wage jobs to ensure economic security, which affects nearly every aspect of well-being (access to affordable transportation, healthy food, housing etc.). It is also strikingly clear that our community needs to support and expand efforts to embrace diversity; through public policy, education, institutions and employment as well as through cultural and social efforts.

CAD intends to shape future priorities, strategic plans and partnerships on the results of the assessment, which can be found in full below.

Click here for the full Community Assessment

Click here for a condensed infographic

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