Engaging our community to end poverty

Adult Basic Education, College Prep and Tutoring

Do you want to get into college, but don’t know where to start? Has earning a college degree always been a dream of yours? Our instructors and tutors can help you get ready to pass college entrance exams and feel good about starting college classes.

Free weekly Adult Basic Education, College Prep tutoring and support Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:45–7p.m.

You’ll find:

  • Certified Adult Basic Education Instructors
  • One-on- one tutoring
  • Assistance with testing fees
  • Dinner and childcare provided free

Adult Basic Education is offered in partnership with ISD 709.

This program is open to Duluth area residents.

How to connect
Just show up for a class. If you’d like to let us know you are coming, you can email us at coaching@communityactionduluth.org or call us at 218.726.1665.

image is the education flyer - support to get your GED or expand your education and skills to get into college.

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Adult Education Success Stories

Intense life circumstances coupled with experiences of racism led Tom to withdraw from high school before graduating. When he wanted to join the U.S. Armed Forces to broaden his life experiences and ultimately work toward a better life than he had growing up, he knew he needed to get his GED (General Education Diploma). He found Community Action Duluth’s GED program through word of mouth in his neighborhood. What attracted him to the program was that it was a place to come that was free of racism and judgment. The staff, tutors, test support and camaraderie he experienced through shared meals and family friendly services was pivotal in engaging and empowering him to challenge himself and ultimately get his GED and serve his country. He found “friendly staff who care about people and try to understand to make things better.”

When Marissa decided to become a massage therapist she needed some help from an employment coach to remove the barriers standing in her way. Working together closely they were able to eliminate the obstacles that were keeping her from attending college. She has graduated and is working as a massage therapist now.