Engaging our community to end poverty

Financial, Education, and Employment Coaching

Our coaches are trained to help you across all areas—education, employment and finances—so you don’t have to limit your goals. Your coach will help you find solutions and see you through the concrete steps needed to achieve each of your objectives.

Educational Coaching

Your coach will sit down and go over your strengths and talents. You and your coach will:

  • Work through an opportunity assessment
  • Discuss the classes or educational opportunities available to you
  • Work through individualized goal planning
  • Meet for on-going personal coaching

Employment Coaching

You will look at your current employment situation with your coach and what job or career goals you would like to attain. Your coach will provide advocacy and support while helping you with:

  • Resume building
  • Cover letter editing
  • Targeted employment search
  • Education planning
  • Goal planning
  • Job skill development
  • Interview basics
  • Employment mentoring (regular check-ins)

Financial Coaching

Most families strive to achieve economic stability over the course of a lifetime. Your coach will help you create a vision of financial stability, develop clear goals to achieve it and hold you accountable for your own progress by providing:

  • Budget planning
  • Savings planning
  • Credit repair and improvement work
  • Debt reduction
  • Asset development
  • Financial planning
  • Ongoing coaching

Ways to connect

To see the program flyer, please click on the image below to open larger PDF’s.

image of our Coaching Flyer - support for education, employment, finances and homeownership goals.