Engaging our community to end poverty

Community Engagement/
Race Awareness Workshops

Group of people playing chessCommunity engagement means forming partnerships and building relationships. It means working together with neighbors on shared problem-solving. It means tackling tough issues like inequality, injustice and helping advocate for yourself and for policies and programs that can:

  • Reduce barriers that keep people in poverty
  • Counter misinformation and misleading stereotypes about poverty
  • Lead people to re-evaluate their bias and reduce racism

Community engagement moves us toward change—good change.

Family Night Out 
Every second Thursday of the month families from everywhere are invited to come together for a light dinner and to participate in fun art and science projects. This event is free and no prior registration is needed.

Race Awareness Workshop (RAW)
Left unchallenged, racism, cultural stereotypes and personal biases can have a devastating economic and social impact on businesses, schools and communities. Race Awareness Workshops are fee for service seminars designed to help businesses and institutions understand the personal, structural and systemic realities of race in America and its impact on their business or school setting.

Family Freedom Center 
Family Freedom Center seeks to empower the Black community by reconstructing socio-cultural narratives and unapologetically embracing what it means to be Black, both historically and present day. The Center is fostering positive change in various systemic landscapes that directly impact the Black community while being inclusive to the Duluth community at large.

Ask An Attorney
This partnership with the Volunteer Attorney Program brings a lawyer right to Community Action Duluth once a month for you to be able to have 10-15 free minutes with them to ask your question(s) on a variety of topics.  At the end of your confidential conversation, you’ll either have your question answered or you’ll have your next steps to move forward. Topics covered include:

Divorce/Custody/Child Support
Eviction / HRA Appeals / Tenant Rights
Unemployment Appeals/Social Security Overpayments
Criminal Expungement / MN DHS Finding Set-Asides
Bankruptcy / Garnishment / Collection Agency Harassment
Domestic Abuse / Orders for Protection
Health Care Directives