One third of the people who live in the city of Duluth are living in poverty or are considered to be working poor. Community Action Duluth is doing whatever it takes to help people who are struggling to cover basic needs.
Debby in front of her rig. Debby with newspaper in hand.
Community Action Duluth "helps families thrive, not just survive". Debby's tenacious dedication paired with CAD coaching, lifted her family out of poverty. Read her inspiring story below.
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Funny question for a nonprofit, right? ...

We ask, because if we did, we think you'd invest.

For every $1 invested in our work, we return an average of $14.65 within the first year. 

$14.65 suddenly seems like it could mean everything, and we can assure it does for hundreds of families that we work with each year. Families like Debby Love's. 

Debby's BIG DREAM: To buy her children matching socks 
The Program Debby Utilized: Employment Coaching  
The Cost of Coaching: $214 per month 

Debby came to us four years ago. She and her four daughters, cramped in a two bedroom apartment up the shore. Her daughters angry, and hurt that she spent so much time away working, and that working was getting them nowhere. "...We often went without things like garbage bags and toilet paper but their wish, was for matching socks."

Debby had a tenacious air about her that told us she'd do anything to save her family from homelessness - and that's just what she did. With a $2,568 investment in coaching and a $2,100 tuition stipend for Debby's CDL courses, Debby took her family from $21,336 per year in public assistance and unemployment benefits to, ... well ... an income she could've only dreamed of - a healthy living wage and great company benefits.  

And while there are all sorts of amazing things we could tell you about Debby and her daughters, the things they overcame, the inspired attitude she carries and has passed to her daughters, and the fact that they now see the value of work as a means to fulfill a family life, she sums up Community Action's role best when she says: "They help families thrive, not just survive, matching socks and all ... "

Debby continues to work with her coaches stating: "Even though I've met my BIG DREAM of buying my children matching socks, Community Action is still relevant. Now I'm working on things like my income taxes, straightening out my credit report and maybe sometime in the future, home ownership." 

So, what if we sold stock? ... Would you invest?

Open the door to BIG DREAMS, and we'll promise a BIG return. 

This year’s funding gap: $100,000

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