One third of the people who live in the city of Duluth are living in poverty or are considered to be working poor. Community Action Duluth is doing whatever it takes to help people who are struggling to cover basic needs.

Duluth Saves: Pay-Yourself-First

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Ready to begin working toward your financial goals?
Need to get a bank account or start an emergency fund?
Can’t wait to get started in FAIM?
Then join Duluth Saves!

Your Opportunities with Duluth Saves:

  • Open a credit union savings account (we can do this with you at our office).
  • Get free financial counseling and a free copy of your credit report .
  • Attend our FREE Common Cents: The Money Class.
  • Be invited to special financial workshops and seminars.
  • Form a Money Smart Club with other Duluth savers.
  • Receive additional encouragement and tips from Duluth Saves staff by e‐mail, mail, and newsletters.
  • Access other Community Action Duluth programs and community opportunities.
  • Enjoy FREE tax preparation and get your refund back faster and free of charge.

Start saving immediately by paying yourself first—make savings a habit!

Duluth Saves strives to meet the diverse needs of all Duluthians regardless of income. We truly believe that everyone can build wealth and better their financial future with the right tools and the right encouragement.

We are here to support whatever financial goals you have!

For more information, contact Rachel at 726‐1665 or


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FREE TAX SITE Open Jan 27-April 17 Mon/Tue/Sat and May 1-Jun 28 Tue/Wed. We prepare 2017 federal and state returns for households and individuals with annual income up to $54,000