One third of the people who live in the City of Duluth are living in poverty or are considered to be working poor. Community Action Duluth is doing whatever it takes to help people who are struggling to achieve a better future.





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A dependable vehicle is a practical necessity and a key to maintaining & gaining employment. Access to reliable transportation removes barriers and gives individuals and families the ability to acquire and maintain employment and pursue educational opportunities.

For many of the families and individuals we work with, a JumpStart vehicle is a means to acceptance, participation and greater inclusion in the mainstream social and economic fabric of the Duluth community.

Winners of the JumpStart car giveaway JumpStart participant in new car
JumpStart participant in new car JumpStart participant in new car


Since it's Launch in February 2009, the JumpStart Duluth program has been very successful in achieving its outcomes. The transportation advocate has successfully worked with 80 families to help them stay current on their loan payments and keep the vehicles purchased in good working order. The following results are taken from a survey given to JumpStart participants after a year of vehicle ownership:

  • 61% reported that the JumpStart vehicle helped them to keep their job.
  • 83% reported having more job security.
  • 30% reported that the JumpStart vehicle helped them to get a new job, and of these, 62% noted that the new job was better.
    • 66% noted better pay, hours and working conditions
    • 60% noted better shifts
    • 50% noted better benefits
    • 33% noted a better job location
  • 66% of all participants noted an overall increase in income
  • 77% stated that the JS vehicle helped them to obtain additional education and training.
  • 96% stated their quality of life was “Much Better” or “Better” since getting their JumpStart vehicle
  • 96% stated that obtaining the JumpStart vehicle helped to improve their overall financial security
JumpStart participant in new car JumpStart participant in new car


JumpStart Duluth has made a huge difference in the lives of our participants; the following are a few examples of what participants had to say:      

  • "This program has provided me with a way to go to school and get a better job. It's helped me overcome my isolation and basically improved the quality of my life." – Earth
  • “I don’t worry about my transportation like I used to. I have more time with my family now and driving places is enjoyable.” – Sheila
  • “I am very grateful to the JumpStart program for helping me to get a car. I am now able to get to all of my appointments, meetings, school functions and work.” – Paige
  • "I really can appreciate this program not only for when I have school or work, but for the better quality of life a dependable vehicle has given me and my children. Having a child with special needs is very demanding, so to have a dependable vehicle to transport him in makes the stressful situation of travel a lot better overall. Thank you so much for helping me purchase a dependable vehicle. Myself and my children greatly appreciate it!" – Lanikka