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multi-cultural groups of young adultsMinnesota Opportunity: We have made real progress in Minnesota to align our values with the expectations of a new and diverse global market. Moving ahead, our success hinges on our ability to prove our case. Does Minnesota value cultural inclusion and support equitable outcomes for everyone's common good?

Minnesota Nice makes the case that everyone deserves a fair chance to achieve his or her full potential. Our new global partners are diverse people from all backgrounds who expect to be included into Minnesota culture!

Race Awareness Workshop Seminars will prepare you for the new global market: Global market leaders expect cultural diversity and inclusion to be the standard for “how we do business in Minnesota.” The proof of this will be seen in our schools, our emerging workforce and our businesses.

Community Action Duluth’s Race Awareness Workshops (RAW-Seminars) will give you the edge. RAW-Seminars will give you the skills, awareness and competencies you need to compete in a world that values diversity and inclusion. 

If you are interested in learning more about Race Awareness Workshops (RAW) and our process, contact Xavier Bell at 218.726.1665 or