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Restoring Duluth's Coldwater Streams

Many of the streams in the Duluth area are in trouble. Most of them are heavily developed, with altered stream channels (see picture: left, below) and reduced buffer zones. They do not provide the quality wildlife habitat that they have in the past. The problems vary; some are too warm, others are too muddy, while still others face seasonally low water levels.

An altered stream channel in DuluthAmity Creek - summer storm; Source: lakesuperiorstreams.org

Left: An altered stream channel in Duluth. Right: Amity Creek Summer Storm

While these problems are pervasive, there are steps we can take as a community to alleviate them. Everyone who owns land in the Duluth area can do something to ensure fresh water, clean air and healthy ecosystems for future generations. For more information on what you can do, please see our Educational Resources page.

Click here to see pictures of trees and shrubs landowners can plant to help restore stream habitat on their property.