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Volunteers, customers and staff worked hard together in 2016

  • 1525 families filed 1381 federal returns and 2415 state returns
  • 2254 individuals benefited, including 497 dependents
  • Tax filers claimed almost $2.9 million in federal and state refunds
  • $1.45 million of new money from the Earned Income Tax Credit and other tax credits came into or stayed in our community
  • Volunteers served 2782 hours



Comments from some of our clients and volunteers

  • "Every person there treated me respectfully and kindly. They were professional and worked hard to do the best they could for me."
  • "Thank you for helping me with my taxes. You are terrific."
  • "I love being a tax site volunteer and love what CAD does in our community! The donuts are great too."
  • "Working with other volunteers who showed such interest in providing this service, meeting and visiting with so many interesting clients and hearing their stories—tremendous."