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About Us

Volunteering Group

We believe that through community coordinated partnerships, people with low-incomes can find the support, resources and relationships that will help them overcome the economic, racial or cultural barriers that have prevented them from establishing and maintaining self-sufficient and connected lives in our community.

Our Mission

To empower and engage our community to eliminate poverty.

Our Vision

Individuals and families in the Duluth Community prosper with access to quality education, affordable housing, healthcare, gainful employment and meaningful involvement in civic life.  Through partnerships, people with low-incomes find support, resources and relationships that help them overcome economic, racial and cultural barriers to establishing and maintaining self-sufficient and connected lives.

Our Values


We practice radical hospitality with our participants and partners.

We intend good will with common purpose rooted in our agency mission.

We treat all people with dignity.

We recognize people’s gifts, talents, strengths and assets.

We treat people as resourceful, intrinsically whole beings, who know how to solve their own problems.

We accept others—appreciating differences, seeking to learn and understand more about one another.

We acknowledge and communicate professionally with one another.

We are patient with each other.



We honor time commitments regarding internal and external meetings and dealings.

We listen for understanding and to grow in our knowledge.

We practice honesty with ourselves and each other.

We practice objectivity and strive to process information accurately.

We work hard and purposefully.

We keep our commitments.

We communicate and respond promptly with solutions in mind.


Cultural Fluency

We listen for understanding.

We intentionally build relationships across race, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

We recognize that power, privilege and educational differentials exist and intentionally challenge/work to change.

We push our learning, growing and challenging process to honor our commitment to ending racism and poverty.



We practice radical optimism, because we believe our work can effect positive change.

We persevere in the face of obstacles.

We solve problems with positive solutions.

We celebrate success and recognize each other’s work and commitment.

We don’t give up.

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