Staff Directory

Brandon Van Tassel

Director of Field Operations

Ext. 224

Caitlin Vander Wal

Benefits Outreach Specialist

Ext. 240

Cassy Burr

Program Manager

Ext. 217

Cyndi Brown

Community Tech Coordinator

Ext. 214

David Huntley

Director of Human Resources

Ext. 238

Dawn Paquette

Child Care & Office Coordinator

Ext. 200

Deana Walls

Tax Site Coordinator

Ext. 226

Evan Flom

Seeds of Success Program Manager

Ext. 222

Jeff Longenecker

Executive Director

Ext. 201

Jenika Keup

Financial Coach

Ext. 213

Jennie Brouse

Homebuyer Coach

Ext. 228

Julia Cheng

Finance Director

Ext. 202

Karen Walter

Benefits Outreach Specialist

Ext. 227

Kari Koehler

Tax Site Volunteer Coordinator

Ext. 233


Katherine Mueller

Development Manager



Liza Williamson

Transportation and Financial Coach

Ext. 216

Madison Ohm

Employment Coach

Ext. 215

Mark Plemel

Construction Program Manager

Ext. 223

Noland Makowsky


Ext. 203

Porsha Cline

Common Cents Instructor


Randi Omdahl

Financial Coach

Ext. 218

Susie Green

Bridge Program Supervisor

Ext. 221

Ylaina Allen

MFIP Employment Counselor

Ext. 211

Zayla Asquith-Heinz

Tax Site Manager

Ext. 255