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Staff Directory

Classie Dudley

Executive Director

Ext. 201

David Huntley

Director of Human Resources

Ext. 238

Eben Philips

Stream Corps Manager


Jenika Keup

Financial Coach

Ext. 213

Joe Murphy

Benefits Outreach Specialist

Ext. 228

Karen TeHennepe

Accounting Manager

Ext. 203

Kathy Nelson

Benefits Outreach Specialist

Ext. 240

Kayla Pridmore

Seeds of Success Manager

Ext. 222

Keesha Coon

MFIP Employment Counselor

Ext. 216

Kennedy Mosher

MFIP Employment Counselor

Ext. 239

Kyra Gustafson

Tax Site Manager

Ext. 225

Liv Krenz

Homebuyer Coach 

Ext. 211

Liza Williamson

Transportation Coach

Ext. 214

Melissa H

Director of Workforce Programs

Ext. 221

Richard Howell

Community Construction Crew Manager


Ron Gurno

Construction Program Manager

Ext. 223

Sam Lindblad

Food Justice Specialist

Ext. 222

Scott Yeazle

Office Coordinator


Ted Hoffman

Director of Participant Services

Ext. 218

Zachary Hallett 

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ext. 221 

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