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We'll help you obtain or regain your license to drive.

  • Assistance navigating resources and programs offered by the state, county, or city

  • Advocacy and support at court appearances, getting fines reduced or removed, and more

  • Assistance with insurance questions


Contact Liza by email or at 218-726-1665 Ext. 214 or complete our online intake. Prefer to do the intake on paper?  Print a copy of it here and drop it off at our office during business hours.



Get around town for work or for health. For families and for individuals looking to get back into the workforce, who are unable to drive, kids, and others, we provide a free refurbished bicycle. When available, we also offer a free helmet, lock or water bottle.


Children are welcome to participate and bikes can be provided to them as well! Program is available between May 1st to the end of October. 

Contact Liza by email or at 218-726-1665 Ext. 214.



An affordable car loan program offering financial coaching, low-interest rate loans, and repair fund savings accounts. Even if you have credit issues, if you are eligible for the program, you can avoid the high interest rate loans that might be the only financing you have found so far.


Contact Liza by email or at 218-726-1665 Ext. 214.



FAIM Matched Savings

Looking for a way to build savings to purchase a car or other asset? Take part in our FAIM savings account program.

For every $1 you save, $3 will be added to your FAIM account with a maximum match of $6,000 allowing you to save up to $8,000.  In addition to help building your savings, you will be provided with guidance and coaching towards your goals and take part in our Common Cents class. 

Use the savings for a small business start-up, small business expansion, educational expenses, or for the purchase of a home or vehicle.

To participate, you must:

  • Be a Minnesota resident age 18 years or older

  • Have earned Income

  • Be within income guidelines

  • Have assets below $10,000

Learn more about applying and enrolling in our FAIM program here.

Contact us by email or at 218-726-1665.

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