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Community Construction is a home remodeling and employment program of Community Action Duluth.

Community Construction employs Duluthians to remodel homes for low income families and learn trade skills in the process. Crew members will receive employment and financial coaching (as part of their paid work week), to assist them in reaching the goal of finding and transitioning into permanent employment. Crew members will be expected to meet regularly with their coach.


The Position

Carpentry Trainee

One Year Temporary Position May to May $15.50/hr. starting


Reports to

Construction Project Manager + Crew Leader


Organizational Mission

To empower and engage our community to eliminate poverty.


Position Mission

To restore dilapidated homes to an environment that invites prosperity for occupants through exemplifying quality, hard work and professionalism.


Commitment to Values

To uphold, commit to, grow in and hold yourself and your fellow co-workers accountable to the organizational values of: Respect, integrity, cultural competence and optimism; as well as the organization’s commitment to: Anti-racism, public policy and community engagement-based work.



Community Construction employs crew members to fix and build affordable homes to help address Duluth’s affordable housing. Employees will learn the many basic building and restoration techniques, including but not limited to framing, hanging doors and windows, roofing, painting, drywall, and proper use of tools and safety of the trade. Employees will attend employment and financial coaching (as part of their paid work week), to assist them in reaching the goal of finding and transitioning into more permanent employment.

Core Functions

The core tenants of Carpentry Trainee position are:


1. Physical Labor

Work 9.5 hour days sometimes outdoors, carrying supplies to and from projects sites, remodeling, building, installing, repairing and demolishing portions of homes, occasionally lifting up to 50 lbs., being on your feet and/or knees, being in high places like roofs, ladders, and scaffolding, crawling under floor spaces, etc. Applicants must be able to work in a dust mask/respirator.



2. Education and Training

Assist in ensuring a safe and productive work environment by completing safety training, maintaining equipment, and following protocols. You will also be expected to learn each and every job duty on the site.


Expand knowledge about housing, construction methods, construction math, building science, workplace safety, and the ways in which race, gender and class intersect housing affordability.


3. Represent Community Construction and Community Action Duluth      

Model the core qualities of crew members: Safe, hardworking, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, both in informal and formal public settings.


Additional Functions

  • Complete Soft Skills Training including opportunities to meet with Community Action Duluth Coaching staff, resume building, etc.

  • Assist community partners in other construction projects.


Success in the Construction Crew Member Position Looks Like:

  • Demonstrating a commitment to service and our mission in everything you do.

  • Placing safety at the center of all decisions and actions.

  • Placing home occupants’ needs at the top of your priorities.

  • Serving as a knowledgeable, hardworking, enthusiastic and informed crew member in both informal and formal/public settings.

  • Openly communicating success and challenges with the Crew + Crew Leader and Construction Project Manager.


Required Qualifications

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age

  • Able to lift and move 50 lbs. infrequently and with assistance

  • Able to lift and move 30 lbs. independently

  • High School Diploma or GED or ability to obtain within first 6 months of employment

  • Able to commit to the entire one year program

  • Ability to work a fixed schedule, reliably and punctually (this should result in timesheets with full hours)

  • Ability to work long days outdoors, in adverse environmental conditions

  • Ability to safely use and transport hand tools and power tools

  • Ability to work at heights (on ladders, scaffolding, rooves, etc.)

  • Willing to wear weather appropriate clothing and/or a uniform consisting of: Program shirt, long pants, leather work boots, hard hat, gloves and safety glasses/goggles

  • Philosophical agreement with agency purpose; ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds

  • Open to constructive criticism and feedback; ability to integrate information into work

  • Demonstrated willingness to learn the skills of the trade and look for a career in the trade



Review Process

Upon the end of each construction project and at the end of the one year program, each crew member will provide feedback to the crew leader and construction project manager, and vice versa. 



Working Terms

This is a temporary, non-exempt 38 hr/week position with working hours 7:30-5:30 M-Th. This position is eligible for: PTO, holiday pay and access to the Employee Assistance Program through NuVantage.


Applications will not be considered without cover letter, resume and 3 references (professional references preferred, personal references accepted). Please send materials via e-mail to jobs@communityactionduluth.org and put “Community Construction Crew Member” in the subject line. Application deadline is March 24th 2021. Please also indicate how you heard about the position opening. If you need help applying, let us know and a Community Action Duluth employment coach could help connect you to assistance with your application. Community Action Duluth is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We believe that diversity of background and perspective are strengths. We seek to continue to grow a diverse, highly committed, skilled, and collaborative staff.


Last Date of Description Review

March 2021


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