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Visit us in January 2022 to learn about next tax season! If you are interested in signing up to volunteer, visit the volunteer page or email

Virtual: Have access to an email address and internet? Our volunteers can prepare your taxes while you stay in the safety of your home. Start the process here.

Drop Off: Don’t have access to technology? You can make an appointment to drop off your documents. Click here to learn more.

File for Yourself: Want to try filing for yourself? Use this free software supported by United Way. It’s free for most.  Learn more here.

Interested in volunteering?  See what opportunities are available at our volunteer page to see how and complete a volunteer application. 

Doing your taxes is stressful. You may be tempted to pay someone to do them for you, but there’s no need to spend $200 or more to get your taxes done. If you or your family earns less than $57,000 year, you can have your taxes done for free by our IRS certified volunteers.