Mobile Market Delivery Form

The Community Mobile Market aims to get affordable groceries to anyone who struggles to find the time, space or transportation needed to fill your home with healthy food.

The Mobile Market has a limited capacity to provide home delivery for Duluth community members, but we want to hear from you if you are homebound for one reason or another.

If you lack transportation to one of our regular market sites in Morgan Park, Lincoln Park or the Hillside neighborhoods, or if you may be immunocompromised and can’t risk the possibility of COVID-19 infection at a public site, please let us know in the form below and we would be happy to consider you for a home delivery option.

5. Why would you like to be considered for home delivery? (check all that apply)
6. What is your household income level? (We prioritize households with higher financial need.)
7. How many people are in your household (including you)?

The following demographic questions are optional, but very helpful, as we are committed to serving a diverse group in our Duluth community.

8. What age ranges are represented in your househld? (Check all that apply.)
9. What races/ethnicities are present in your household? (Check all that apply.)
10. What is the best way to keep in touch with you?