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Community Construction November Update

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

In November the Community Construction program has begun work on our new rehab home located at 3007 Devonshire Street.

The crew, consisting of Ron, our program manager, Brett, Cheyenne, and DJ, have been working on getting everything ready to begin work on the house.

After moving all the tools and materials over from the previous project, the crew began work removing waste and recyclables from the property. Demolition of damaged portions of the property has commenced, including a complete tear-down of the garage.

The crew is very motivated after seeing what a completed project looks like and they’re ready to get their hands dirty rehabbing this new property.

Congratulations to Richard Howell!

Our Community Construction Crew Manager Richard Howell has received the 2021 Virginia McKnight Binger Unsung Hero Award. This award recognizes individuals who have had a significant role in creating a positive impact on Minnesota and its communities. Only four Minnesotan individuals are awarded this per year, making this an outstanding accomplishment for Richard. We here at Community Action Duluth get to see the amazing impact Richard has on the crew every day, and we are so glad that he is now also receiving even more recognition for his superb efforts. Thank you Richard for all that you do for the Community Construction Program and again, Congratulations!

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