Engaging our community to end poverty

Who We Are

Every person deserves the opportunity to succeed.
We exist to stand alongside people with low incomes and provide a path to possibility, a livelihood, a sustainable future and new hope.

This is what drives everything we do.


  • We are leaders in recognizing and eliminating barriers that keep people in poverty.
  • We are doggedly determined to find innovative solutions, take action and trigger the changes needed to improve lives.
  • We are resourceful collaborators—constantly striving toward inclusiveness and seeking to create equal educational and economic opportunities for all.
  • We are willing to take risks others can’t and won’t—because making our mission to eliminate poverty in our community a reality, is that important.
  • We meet people where they are, never judging or giving up on them. We believe this is the way to empowerment and success.

Amazing stories happen here every day.