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Duluth Stream Corps

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

For Duluth residents, the state of our natural surroundings is very important. Our forests, water, and land need protection and care. That is why Community Action Duluth hosts the Duluth Stream Corps (DSC). The DSC’s mission is to preserve our streams and forests while also employing people who are experiencing under- or unemployment to learn new skills and explore emerging job opportunities. They work with a variety of community organizations, government agencies, and businesses to complete environmentally-focused projects around the city.

Currently, the DSC employs five individuals. The program has been running consecutively for five years, with a total of 10 years in operation. Crew positions last for about 11 months during which there is job and skills training that focuses on the natural sciences. Participants learn things like how to operate a chainsaw, work with GPS and GIS technology, and apply pesticides. Certification for these skills is also offered by SAWW, Frontier Precision, and the MN Department of Agriculture.

The DSC is working on invasive species removal this winter. They are focusing on woody invasive species and non-native phragmites, which is an aggressive wetland grass that choke out native plants and wildlife. In the summer, they will be planting trees and surveying, as well as continuing to remove harmful plant life. Their main goals are to eradicate invasive species, improve water resources, boost habitat quality, and enhance the safety of our green spaces. If you are interested in learning about other past projects the DSC has completed, you can find more information here.

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