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One Year of Community Construction

Community Construction has just hit the one year mark! This program has experienced both ups and downs while learning what it takes to be successful in completing rehabs and supporting our crew members. With a year under our belts now, we are looking forward to taking this program to new heights and continuing our work to better our community

In September, the Community Construction program has had some big accomplishments! A graduation ceremony was held at Community Action Duluth for the crew where they received their Technical Certificates in Carpentry from WITC in front of an audience of their friends, family, and supportive CAD employees. We are so proud of our crew for this outstanding accomplishment and their commitment to furthering their education!

At the house, the crew has been busy applying some of the final touches. They have been hard at work refinishing the hardwood floors and hanging doors. They also have been fitting door and baseboard trims upstairs. Also, last week the new appliances for the kitchen arrived and this week the countertops are being finished.

With the crew finishing up their schooling, progress is moving along more quickly now and we are all starting to see the finish line.

Finally, some other exciting news! Ron Gurno has been hired as Community Construction’s new program manager to replace Mark Plemel. Ron was apart of the first Community Construction crew and had been working alongside Mark as a Crew Lead. With his personable demeanor and eagerness to help the program, we are sure that Ron will do a fantastic job!

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