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Girl who just got her license with friendDRIVE—Driver’s License, Insurance, Vehicles & Education

Sometimes being able to drive is the surest way to get ahead—to get a better job or a better education. Situations that can hold people back can be:

  • Not having a driver’s license
  • Being afraid to drive
  • The high cost of insurance
  • Not having a car

Our transportation coach can help you explore your options for driving and come up with a one-on- one plan to overcome your transportation barriers.

To be eligible for our DRIVE program you must:

  • Have a stated transportation barrier
  • Be committed to working with our transportation coach
  • Be committed to complete our car care class
  • Be the parent of a school-age child or children (Due to our funders preference, participants who are working to get a license or vehicle must be the parent of a school aged child or children)


To have dedicated time and support to pass the written driver’s exam, please click on the image below to see the hours and days available to practice using both paper and computer resources.

image is the flyer for the Driver's License Study Time, Wednesdays in odd number months from 2:30 - 4:30


To find out more, contact Susie at 218.726.1665 ext 221 or email susie@communityactionduluth.org.