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Tammy got her license

Tammy got her license

Drivers’ Insurance Vehicle Education

The transportation coach works alongside folks navigating resources and programs the state, county or city may offer. Navigating the system may consist of going to moving violation court dates to provide support and or help getting fines reduced or removed, and appearances in front of a judge etc. The D.R.I.V.E. coach has an open study time for those who need to work on their learner’s permit, with a time and space to study the manual and look over testing materials which will assist in passing the learner’s test. There is a need for space and tools to study for the learner’s permit and adding a personal touch to help clients feel comfortable about navigating the system helps move folks forward in the process.

To be eligible for our DRIVE program you must:

  • Have a stated transportation barrier
  • Be committed to working with our transportation coach

To find out more, contact Susie at 218.726.1665 ext 221 or email susie@communityactionduluth.org.