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Community Action Duluth has connected with Resourceful!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Resourceful is a wonderful tool for connecting community members in need to social services and programs in the area. It’s super easy to use and free for both the community and the providers. They also have online trainings available that teach how to use the site.

Resourceful is a free online directory for:

Seekers – individuals looking for free or reduced-cost services.

Helpers – those who help seekers navigate to resources and find beneficial programs. People such as caseworkers, counselors, or even family members and friends.

Community Based Organizations – those who provide free or reduced-cost services to their community.

Community Action Duluth has started utilizing Resourceful by listing all our programming on the website. We can now provide program details and contact information to more people and keep it all up to date. This will help immensely to streamline referrals to our programs and reach more of our community members.

As an employment counselor, I personally use this website to quickly find resources for my participants. I’ve found everything from emergency housing to educational opportunities. I like that I can print off program information and also make referrals directly from the website to programs. It’s really helped me navigate all the great services available in Duluth, which allows me to better serve my participants.

I encourage everyone to explore the website, enter in their zip code, and see how it can benefit everybody in our community!

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