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Haven't filed your taxes yet? Find free resources here!

To complete the many returns we have started in response to the delays caused by COVID-19, we will NOT be accepting new returns this season. We know that this is concerning to many so we created a list of other free filing resources.

Important dates to know:

- July 15, 2020: Income taxes are due IF you owe. Those who receive refunds are eligible to receive them for the next 3 years.

- August 15, 2020: 2018 M1PRs are due. This includes renter’s rebates and property tax refunds for 2018.

- August 15, 2021: 2019 M1PRs are due. This includes renter’s rebates and property tax refunds for 2019.

Alternative Filing Options:

Have access to a computer or smartphone in your home or from to a friend or family member?

- Income taxes: We recommend We created this document to help guide you through the process. If you also need to file an M1PR (for a property tax refund or renter’s rebate), follow the directions on page 4. A second free online option is FreeFile created by the IRS.

- Renter’s Rebate only: Use to file. See page 4 in this document.

- Property Tax Refund only: Minnesota Department of Revenue offers a free online filing option here: Property Tax Refund Online Filing System

Also watch this informative video:

If you prefer to file by paper and have access to a printer, you can print the form found below:

Renter's and Property Refund 2019
Download PDF • 270KB

and review the following instructions for the form:

Refund Instructions 2019
Download • 1.29MB

Don’t have access to a computer or smartphone in your home or belonging to a friend or family member?

- M1PR only (property tax refund or renter’s rebate): Use one of our paper booklets to mail your return. Either pick-up a booklet from the shelf to the left of our interior office doors OR request that we mail you a booklet by calling (218)726-1665.

- Income taxes: We don’t have any resources to offer if you don’t have access to a computer or smartphone.

If you need to file a 2018 M1PR and are unable to use any of the above options, please contact us: (218)656-0806 OR

Avoiding fees (for those who owe and will be filing late)

If you owe taxes, there are 3 types of fees you may incur:

- late filing fee

- late paying fee

- interest on what you owe

To avoid all 3 fees, file an extension AND pay your estimated taxes early here:

Extension of Time to File Your Return

Please contact our office at (218)726-1665 with any questions.

How to make payments:

Federal tax payments:

Online payments can be made here:

OR mailed to:

Internal Revenue Service Center

Fresno, CA 93888-0010

Minnesota Income tax payments:


By phone: From a bank account: 1-800-570-3329 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

By credit or debit card: 1-855-9-IPAY-MN (1-855-947-2966) - Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Central time

Wisconsin Income tax payments:


Pay by check

If you filed electronically, enclose your check with Form EPV (Electronic Payment Voucher) and mail to:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue PO Box 930208

Milwaukee, WI 53293-0208

Any mailed payments (Federal or State) that don’t include a voucher must include the Taxpayer’s (and Spouse’s, if Joint return) Social Security number, name, address, phone number and Tax year that is being paid.


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