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Freshly Grown Greens in the Winter

Even during Duluth’s snowiest days, Community Action Duluth can still grow and produce food through the Deep Winter Greenhouse.

Located near Denfeld High School, this greenhouse faces south, which allows it to let in the most light possible from the winter sun.

On sunny days, the temperature inside the greenhouse can easily reach into the 100s! Luckily, this structure is fitted with heating, ventilation, and fans which help regulate the temperature.

Around October, when the farmers market season ends, staff will start preparing the greenhouse to grow greens during the winter. By vertically hanging gutters, the team can utilize the most of the small space. After a few weeks, the seeds planted in these gutters start to grow into greens.

Once they reach a good height, we harvest, wash, and bag the greens to distribute at Community Mobile Market sites. Check the calendar for a Mobile Market stop near you!

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