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Learn about our Coaching and MFIP program

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Our coaches are trained to help you across all areas-finances, education, and employment-so you don't have to limit your goals. The coaches are also certified housing counselors, so whether you're months or years from home ownership, they are trained to help you get closer to that goal. Your coach will help you find solutions and see you through the concrete steps needed to achieve each of your objectives.

Contact our coaches to enter into a drawing!

For the month of June, you could be entered into a gift card drawing! Any new individual interested in working with our financial coaches toward any financial, education, or employment goal including home ownership can be entered to win. Contact Randi at or (218)726-1665 ext 218 to register for an appointment with us during the month of June and be entered into the drawing. At the end of the month, the lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card prize!

Coaching/Housing Counseling

Most Families strive to achieve economic stability over the course of a lifetime. Your coach will help you create a vision of financial stability, develop clear goals to achieve it and hold you accountable for your own progress by working with you on:

  • Budgeting

  • Increased savings

  • Credit building

  • Debt reduction

  • Asset development

  • Navigating the homebuying process

  • Education and career goal planning

  • Resume and cover letter prep

  • Mock interviews

  • Ongoing coaching

Bridge to Employment

Our purpose is to help remove barriers to employment by providing families receiving Minnesota Families Investment Program (MFIP) case assistance with employment services that include:

  • Job readiness training

  • Career planning

  • Educational programming

  • Goal setting

  • Cultural events

  • Ongoing communication and support

MFIP participants are referred to CAD by the county or can request employment services with CAD. CAD does not sign people up for MFIP; we provide case management to participants already enrolled in MFIP.

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