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FAIM (Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota)

After renting for years, a participant and her husband were able to purchase their first home with the assistance of the FAIM program, Common Cents Course, and some financial coaching from Community Action Duluth.

She was incredibly grateful to change the trajectory of her family's generational wealth.

Things move quickly when it's time to close on a house, and her coach was able to prioritize her needs to ensure the process went well.

When asked how the closing process went, she responded, "Everything went smoothly, our home is wonderful. We appreciate your help in getting us here."

First at 50

A participant is in his 50s and was able to purchase his first home!

His enthusiasm and positive energy was evident on the phone and during the several meetings finalizing the FAIM process.

He expressed tremendous gratitude to Community Action Duluth for helping him navigate the process. With some of the information he learned from Common Cents, he is going to budget to pay down his mortgage ahead of his 30-year loan, which will save him significant money.

He was not able to afford a home in the city of Duluth with the way the market currently is, but was excited about the move to Virginia, Minnesota. He said it was well worth it for him and his family to become homeowners.

It's amazing to see participants' diligent work of saving and educating themselves to achieve the life-changing goal of homeownership. It was a lot of fun to celebrate this achievement with him.

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